The Secret World Crime And Punishment Investigation Mission Walkthrough

In The Secret World patch 1.1 there were some new missions released and today we will give you a walkthrough for the Crime and Punishment mission. Bear in mind that if you want to figure out this mission yourself you should stop reading this as it will give you spoilers. If you are ready to complete Crime and Punishment then the first thing you need to do is pick up the mission.

You grab the mission from The Savage Coast via Sam Krieg. You will find Sam Krieg in the lighthouse. Once you are there you should examine the discarded letter. The letter will tell you that Sam had to abandon his car. What it doesn’t tell you is exactly where however in the letter it mentions that it is an intersection with a “stupid sentimental name”. The road name is Lovers Regret, so you can find this on your map and you just need to go to the intersection.

Once you get to the car you want to use the GPS device that you see lying on the ground near the driver’s door. It will show you the location that Sam was heading to before he had to ditch the car. Now the GPS will give you directions so you have to find your way from the car and follow the directions but remember they will be in reverse as you are going BACKWARDS. If you follow them correctly you will end up at a gas station.

Once you get there you need to sift through the trash can and you will find the picture that Krieg mentioned in the letter. You will see the picture is of Sam and the obsessed fan that he was talking about. You will find a website address there as well and the next thing you need to do is find out where the informant lived. If you are in a hurry the house is the large red one near the gas station. If you go over to the house you will find that it is locked up.

You will need to use the coded entrance on the left door but of course you will need the code to do this!

Now this is the insane bit!

The same website that you visited you will need to go back to. You need to find the post where the guy is talking about his favourite books and take a note of the ISBN numbers. The code to get into the house will be the last 4 digits of ONE of the books! This can change so you will need to try all of them.

Once you are inside you can head over to the desk in the corner with the PC. You need to enter a code into the computer and you will have a hint which is “Foucault’s Pendulum” – this is an actual book so you need to head over to and do a search for the book. Once you are on the actual listing you need the ISBN number just like you did before. You must enter the full ISBN into the PC on the game. You will then be given a set of 8 inquiries that you will need to read through.

Once you have done that you have completed “Crime and Punishment” in The Secret World!