Mafia Wars Cheat Codes – Can They Help You Advance Your Mafia?

Mafia Wars is available on MySpace, Facebook and other websites. It is a fun game that was created by Zynga and has more that 5 million users. It is also a free application for the iPhone. The best part is, there are Mafia Wars cheat codes that you can get. Any gamer will love that!

When you play this game you need to create mafias. You do this by recruiting more players. You can use your friends on MySpace or Facebook to get a bigger mafia and to fight against other players. Players only have so much health, energy and stamina and this is shown in meters that will fill up over time. When you steal cash from an attacked mafia the meters go up. You get points by doing jobs.

The best way to beat everyone is to get a big empire. The more people you have in your empire, the better chance you have of beating other empires. Cheat codes can help you obtain more people easier.

Being a beginner, you are going to need to do this. Also, use the cheats to get better weapons. You can also find a cheat to fight at a higher level than you are presently at. This can be harder if you are not prepared and don’t have the right weapons, though. You may want to think about it before you use this cheat code.

So Mafia Wars cheat codes can help you advance your game. They will help your mafia will be the biggest and strongest mafia and you will amass wealth a lot quicker if you make the right decisions and get the right cheat codes. Mafia Wars is one of the best online games out. It will keep you locked in for long periods of time. Take it from a serious gamer. If you haven’t played, check out a few gaming forums to see what the buzz is about.