The Day I Decided To Stop Gambling With Gamblers Anonymous

Everything was going perfect for me in life. Good job, good home, good life and good friends. Until one day some friends asked if I wanted to go to the casino. By the time I realized it, three years of my life were gone and I was in debt. It was time to quit.

The day I decided to stop gambling I was depressed and relieved at the same time. I couldn’t go on any longer. I thought all my hopes and dreams were shattered. I couldn’t tell anybody what I was going through. I was afraid that they would be disappointed in me. I remember the first day. I was nervous and anxious. I had a hard time focusing at work. This was not my first time trying to quit. I was sure I really wanted to quit, but wasn’t sure if I could quit.

The day I decided to quit I had no where to turn. I found it was difficult to talk to my family and friends about my problem. I began to do research and found Gamblers Anonymous. I wanted to give Gamblers Anonymous a try. I happened to have met a lot of nice people there. They welcomed me into the group and made me feel comfortable. I had tears coming down my face and my anxiety kicked in. I was very quiet buy my emotions were running wild inside. I made it through my first meeting and was somewhat looking forward to the next one. As each week passed new members would join and others would disappear. This became a weekly event. Who was going to come back and who was going to stay?

I continued to go to my Gamblers Anonymous meeting on a weekly basis. I was always afraid some one would recognize me. The turn over was extraordinary. Each week as I entered the meeting my heart began to race until I was sure I didn’t know any of the new members. It was the tenth week and an old co-worker of mine walked through the doors. We hadn’t worked together for over ten years. I thought about leaving but I decided to stay and try and work it out. Unfortunately he did not keep the Gamblers Anonymous code. He had told a friend who told another friend until it got back to me. It was unfortunate, but I dealt with it and moved on.

I and others unfortunately had other situations occur that were not very positive for us at Gamblers Anonymous. I still thank them for putting me on the road to recovery. From the first time I entered Gamblers Anonymous and followed up with the website I Stopped Gambling So Can You

I believe I am on the road to recovery. I take one day at a time and allow myself the option to gamble or not to gamble. This helped me to take control of my life. By allowing myself to make the choice the amount of stress on me has been significantly reduced.

A month after I stopped going to Gamblers Anonymous meetings, I ran into one of the members. He was curious at how I was doing and asked me if I would be there next week? I told him I would try and make the meeting. I popped in a few times more to tell them how I was doing. They were all glad to see me, but I wasn’t in compliance with the rules of Gamblers Anonymous, so I decided not to go back. In this particular group I attended, they have rules that do not allow a member to comment during therapy if they did not attend four consecutive weekly meetings. I respected their rules but realized it was time to move on. I told the group and thanked them very much for putting me in the right direction and left.

After this experience I created a website that would allow people to be themselves as they recover. This site is also the closest to anonymous you can get. There you will also find a private stop gambling chat room and a self help manual to help gamblers stop compulsive gambling addiction. The website is I Stopped Gambling So Can You

My experience from Gamblers Anonymous meetings to now has helped me to stop gambling. I stopped so can you!

Why Online Gambling at Home Can Be More Addictive Than Sex!

For the last few generations we have come to the conclusion that sex can become an addiction. Gambling too has been addiction for a long time but when we talk about online gambling it is an addiction which is only now catching fire.

People have always believed that the best thing to do at home is to have sex. There are many reasons for this. Sex at home means complete privacy. You know there won’t be anyone peeping inside your house and disturbing you. Sex at home also means absolute comfort. The old saying ‘home sweet home’ is so apt in this situation. Since you know every nook and corner of your house, it is the most comfortable place too. No other bed in the world can be as comfortable as your bed.

The latest craze in the world of the internet is online gambling. Most regular online gamblers feel that online gambling is definitely more interesting and addictive than sex and they don’t have just a reason or two to support their point of view.

So, what is it that makes online gambling from home so irresistible?

1. The adrenalin rush: – Sex is said to give a couple such a great adrenalin rush. This rush is just for a few seconds when we talk about sex. In online gambling, winning cash gives you an adrenalin rush. This rush is such a great rush as it doesn’t last for a few seconds but it continues till Lady Luck shines on you.

2. No sweat and no mess: – Sex is always best when it is steaming hot but that means a lot of sweat, stickiness and even stench. Gambling online is absolutely hassle free. All you have to do is to enjoy yourself with no clean up afterward.

3. Money in flow: – When you have sex, there is a lot of money spent. In case your partner is not in a mood or is upset about something, then it may fall upon you to spend money on some roses or presents to cheer them up. It is a must that you use some protection and for that you will have to go out to buy it. Online gambling on the other hand involves no such expenditure. You have no need to travel outside, need not dress up and need not pay anyone. Apart from all of this if you win then there is the bonus of a cash influx.

4. No wastage of time: – For sex you need to cajole and woo your partner into that mood. In online gambling whenever you want to gamble just switch on your computer and you can start almost instantly.

5. No dress code: – when you have sex to get into the feel of it you will have to dress up in sexy outfits and you should be presentable at that time. While gambling online all you have to wear is something that you are comfortable in it doesn’t need any dressing up or show.

6. Alone or not, no problems: – For sex it is a must that you have your partner. To gamble online you need no one, you can still gamble. Even if a group of friends are around you, it will not affect you and gambling with friends can be a whole lot of fun.

Protecting Against Financial Abuse

For protection we often rely on banks, locks, password codes, credit cards, hiding places and even fighting skills. Yet, like the story of the Emperor's New Clothes, we often deny ourselves the biggest threat to our own or organization's wealth (and sanity).

I am talking about the addictive personality.

Here are some examples that I have personally witnessed:

A relative losing her house due to her son's drug addictions.

(My mother's house near break-in from harboring the mentioned drug addict.)

An associate losing money from trying to support their drug and video game addict children.

A gym owner whose gambling-addicted girlfriend put his business heavily in debt.

A military party fund that went missing to an alcoholic who had volunteered to look after it.

Rent and investments that have disappeared by trusting a drug addict.

And the list goes on.

I mention this because good health includes financial health.

Now, many people argue that the stigma of addiction is what is driving addicts towards suicide and more destructive behavior. (You will see public signs all over Vancouver stating that drug addicts are also co-workers, relatives, friends and generally nice people.) Well, the point here is to protect YOU and not intellectualize why theY hurt your financial health. It makes as about as much sense as trying to reason with a grizzly bear or a mad dog. Forget it.

Instead, take note of the following behaviors of the addicted personalities:

1. Moody .

They often fluctuated between being sweet and charming and surly and angry.

2. Bursts over-achievement

Some addictive personalities actually perform high in academics, sales and athletics. I personally knew several high-performing martial artists and soldiers who drank heavily and fell into heavy drug use. Addictive types will so great bursts of work or productivity for short periods, giving the impression that they are high performers.

They often make a big display of any minor achievement such as doing volunteering or exercising.

3. Often sick.

4. Frequently take / request time off.

5. Frequent money problems.

They frequently borrow money or ask for pay advances from work.

6. Unethical behavior

They often lie, steal, cheat and degrade others, while co-workers and family will constantly cover up for them.

7. Often smoke

Not always, but most addicts smoke.

8. Tendency towards swearing and violence

9. Gulping alcohol

This is something that I witnessed in the military. The heavy drinkers could never just sip and enjoy a drink. They had to gulp it down. One co-worker would buy six beers at a time and down them one after another before "Happy Hour" was over.

10. Blaming others

If you ever talk to an addictive person, you will hear all about how things are "everyone else's fault" and all of the psychological and family reasons why they excessively drink, gamble or play video games.

This list is not complete and it might even make the reader squirm a bit if it sounds too personal or "close to home." The truth is, you are often aware that something is "not quite right" about a co-worker, employee, boss or associate and that you should keep them away from your money, home or business. Sometimes you cannot if you are a co-worker, business partner or spouse. Like martial arts, fighting and military skills, you have to be able to maintain a strong defense and preparation against such people.

It all boils down to trusting your instincts in the first place.

Stay healthy.

Stay safe.

Are the Days Of Home Consoles Coming to an End?

In this day and age almost every home in the developed world has a video games console of some sort, and lets be honest, who doesn’t love to play games on the big screen? However, a revolution is taking place in the gaming world, and it looks as though things may change whether we like it or not.The revolution that we are talking about is the mobile gaming revolution.The mobile gaming revolution really started back in 1989 when Nintendo launched the Game Boy. The Game Boy changed the way we consumed virtual entertainment, even though technology was limited at that time, the world embraced portable gaming, and ever since the original monochrome gaming device hit the streets, companies around the world have been trying to make mobile gaming devices more powerful. Not only have been working on the power of the machines, they have also been working on trying to make mobile gaming appeal to a broader audience.Through the years many companies tried, and failed to recreate the success that Nintendo had with the Game Boy. Sega tried to join in on the fun with the Sega GameGear, which was the first portable gaming device that had a color screen. The GameGear had limited success, but it did create a cult following which is still alive and well today. Then Atari entered the market with the Atari Lynx. Atari had absolutely no luck, and the Lynx died a horrible death, but In 2008, the mobile gaming world was turned on it’s head.Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, and one year later they introduced the world to the app store. Soon after the release of the app store, iPhone users has access to hundreds of gaming applications, most only costing.99 cents. The games didn’t just appeal to the casual gamer but some of the games interested hardcore gamers too. Pretty soon mobile gaming and the iPhone was on everyone’s mind. Soon after the launch of the app store all of the major video game companies stepped up their efforts to win over mobile gamers.Playtime is anytime, anywhereToday, the market is flooded with devices that all offer mobile gaming. Nintendo has the DS, DSi, DSi XL and the Nintendo 3DS. Sony has the PSP and the Sony Experia Play, which is a phone that has a PlayStation built in, and the soon to be released PS Vita. There are also millions of smartphones in peoples pockets that can all play games. The mobile gaming market is truly exploding.While some devices offer games that appeal to hardcore gamers, most true gamers still like to play on home consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360, and honestly who can blame them. Home consoles offer outstanding graphics, explosive sound, and games that are much more in-depth and involving. Until now none of the portable devices have really succeeded in pulling the heavy gamers away from the home console scene entirely, But that could be about to change.What does the future hold?Sony recently showed off their latest handheld games machine, the PS Vita. The Vita is the successor to the somewhat popular PSP, and while it looks pretty similar to its predecessor, it could not be more different.The PS Vita is really revolutionary. Inside that small portable device you will find components that will make the Vita just as powerful as Sony’s PS3. The Vita will also be as powerful (if not more so) than Microsoft’s Xbox 360. The Vita will be able to offer mobile games that will truly rival games that only used to be possible to play on the more powerful home consoles. The Vita could be the handheld that will finally break the strangle hold that home consoles have on the market.Smartphones are another way to play games while on the move. Smartphones are becoming more powerful every week it seems, in fact a lot of Android based devices now offer dual-core processors and large amounts of RAM. Smartphones, and the games contained in the respective app stores ate evolving as a dramatic rate. Games on smartphones are not just cute, fun little games to play while waiting at the doctors anymore. The games available can be large, just as in-depth as some console games, not to mention that physics and graphics have also improved since the first iPhone games back in 2008.Is this farewell?Mobile gaming is being taken to new heights every other week. New games are coming out for both smartphones and portable devices that are taking the breath away from gamers around the globe. New innovative features in mobile devices like touch screens, 3D graphics, external Bluetooth controllers, and HDMI out ports will change the way we play games.I am sure the home console will never fully disappear, but I do think that they will move away from being the machines that offer users their core gaming experiences. In the future, I think machines like the PS3 and the XBOX 360 will serve as home media hubs more than just gaming machines, in fact, that change is already taking place. Both the PS3 and the XBOX offer movie and music streaming services, and both will soon offer cable TV services. The change is happening right before our eyes, but this is not a bad thing.Imagine being able to play the latest blockbuster game on your mobile device while you are sitting on a train heading home from work, then when you get home you connect your smartphone, or dedicated mobile gaming device like the PS Vita to your TV wirelessly over your Wi-Fi network or via a dock. You then pick up a Bluetooth controller, sit on your couch and continue to play the game right where you left off from while you were on the train. This is the future of gaming, and will be the end of the home console as we currently know it.